Introducing the transformative power of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLM) – a game-changing technology suite designed to streamline processes, enhance automation, and supercharge productivity across your enterprise.

AI and humans working together

Are you geared up to embrace the future of AI?

Tools like ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Google Bard are forging new pathways in technical and business innovation. Discover what generative AI can do for your enterprise. Generative AI is a pioneering machine learning model that generates human-like content from given inputs. This powerful AI can create text, images, music, and more. It utilizes Large Language Models (LLM) – neural networks trained to predict text, reason, and understand relationships to provide insightful outputs. These tools, capable of understanding natural language, deliver accurate and helpful responses. Your enterprise can leverage these tools to automate repetitive tasks, train employees, serve customers, and more. At OnNet, we’ll guide you through this transformation. This novel technology unfolds fresh avenues for businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

Introducing OnNet Overwatch for Gen AI

Your key to leveraging natural language securely and unlocking the untapped potential of your internal data. Our team of experts will brainstorm innovative ideas, devise a strategic blueprint, and support your deployment in a private tenant. Also develop policies and procedures to secure compliance and human resources certainty. The result? A seamless and secure generative AI integration for your enterprise.

With OnNet, you can expect to:

teamwork for productivity
Boost employee productivity by automating recurrent tasks and refining processes.
chatbot prepared to serve your customers
Elevate customer service with intelligent chatbots and curated experiences.
team using repositories to facilitate work
Streamline employee training and knowledge sharing with information repositories.
AI code fix
Expedite software development and testing through code suggestions and reviews.
AI development for your business needs
Develop AI policies and procedures curated for your industry and niche.

Meet our leaders who are spearheading our generative AI solutions and policies:

Solutions Specialist
Juan Antonio Gonzalez,
Ed.D(c), Solutions Specialist
Technical Account Manager
Juan Carlos Rodriguez,
Technical Account Manager
Compliance Officer
Jonathan León,
Compliance Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Fermín Sanchez,
Chief Technology Officer
Artificial Intelligence Lead
Christopher Cabezudo,
Artificial Intelligence Lead

Key findings in recent surveys conducted in the USA by Gartner[1], KPMG[2], Venture Forward[3], and reveal insightful trends:


of Organizations Currently in Exploration Mode with Generative AI. [1]


of surveyed executives believe generative AI will have a high or extremely high impact on their organization in the next 3-5 years. [2]


of surveyed executives agree that generative AI can play a critical role in building and maintaining stakeholder trust. [2]


of surveyed SMB’s can’t explain what generative AI is. [3]


of surveyed SMB’s are interested in using generative Ai tools for business. [3]

However, every breakthrough comes with its unique challenges. 45% of surveyed executives say it can have a negative impact on their organizations’ trust if the appropriate risk management tools are not implemented. [2] There’s a lot of work to do around social interaction and uncertainty, cost factors, and regulatory compliance issues related to generative AI. But don’t let these challenges deter your innovation drive. OnNet, as your Solutions Provider, is committed to helping you harness the power of generative AI and LLM effectively and sustainably.

Join us in exploring the untapped potential of generative AI and see what it can do for your business.